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BlaBla Connect is specialised in findingnew ways of communication and offers unique value to its users.

Who Are We?

Founded in the year 2014, BlaBla Connect is an international calling app, available for IOS and Android users. Our company is located in London, GB and enjoys over 1 million users worldwide. With our international calling app, you can make high-quality voice - calls to any mobile/landline in the world.

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We are a team of innovators, creators and technical experts who are committed to offer the ultimate customer experience to our clients all over the world. From offering low cost calling bundles, best voice quality, amazing mini-calls, chat, to easy top-up features; there is so much that awaits to experience at BlaBla Connect!

We are living in the times when the world surely has turned into a global village. This is a generation of people that does not stop from trying new things or relocating to new places in the pursuit of their dreams. After all, why should they? Modern communication solutions like the one offered by us at BlaBla Connect has given people the strength to move away from their homes, knowing that they will still be connected to their loved ones.

At BlaBla Connect, we firmly believe in breaking all the physical and cultural barriers that stop people from connecting to their friends and family. So, whether you want to call India, call Egypt or call Nigeria, our international calling app will help offer an extraordinary calling experience to all our users.

In our pursuit to help users connect across geographical borders and build great relationships, we offer the most low-cost calls for them. The idea behind building this international calling app is to provide a hassle-free user experience while talking to your

What Makes Us the Best International Calling App?

Our international calling app not only stands apart for offering high-quality voice calls at lowest prices, but also for offering a number of other in-app feature benefits. For instance, we also offer exclusive app features, like airtime top-up, mini-calls, messaging and sharing files that allow an outstanding overall experience for all our users.

Stay Connected No Matter Where You Are

We created BlaBla Connect to help you stay connected with your loved ones abroad, irrespective of where you are and in whichever time zone. We offer a completely secure connection that enables the highest quality calling to communicate overseas.

Enjoy Free Calls from BlaBla to BlaBla

At BlaBla Connect, we are always looking for ways to help our users get maximum benefits using our app. This is why we came up with the idea to integrate a feature that allows our users to enjoy free calls made from one BlaBla app to another BlaBla app user.

An Innovative App for Personalized Experience

Since the inception of our company, our team of experts has been integrating the most innovative techniques and strategies from time to time, to make sure that our users get exactly what they have been looking for. We have built our app with the ultimate aim to maximize benefits at the user end along with offering customized solutions. For instance, our app allows you to make a call to any number even if that number does not have internet access, and in any part of the world.

Affordable & Accessible

Our low-cost international calling bundles make our app quite accessible to any user around the world. We have made low-cost international calls a reality, as we believe that a trusted international communication service must be accessible to all.

Never Lose Connection with People Who Matter

Our lifestyles today are getting busier and costlier by each passing day. But, this should never come in your way of getting in touch with the people and loved ones who matter to you most. At BlaBla Connect, our app enables you to never lose touch with your friends and family abroad, and find the cheapest way to talk to them from any part of the world. After all, no matter what you do and wherever you stand in life, it is the quality of your relations that matter the most

Identifying New International Calling Needs of our Users

From time to time, we are always trying to bring new things on the table and offer our users with the best ever international calling user experience. Our core principles revolve around innovation, and this is what drives us to identify the new needs of our users and build optimum solutions in return. We welcome you to try our innovative services and enjoy a never like before international calling experience

Family Sharing Support

Another great thing about using our international calling app is that it supports family sharing for up to six members. All you need to do to use this feature is to enable family sharing in the settings and enjoy a hassle-free experience calling your family in any part of the world. The best part about our family sharing support feature is that you no longer have to pay enormous bills for international calls, even if you love talking to your loved ones for hours and hours.

Connect Around the Globe Faster

Our app offers an ultimate solution to eliminate any chances of disruptions over international calls. Most importantly, BlaBla Connect lets you communicate with your friends and family around the world faster and more reliably.

So what are you waiting for?

Download BlaBla Connect app now and start calling your loved ones abroad today! We not just offer high-quality connections, but also reduce your international calling costs to minimal.

Our app offers many exclusive features and benefits for users and that too without any hidden costs. It’s easy to use and also offers amazing top-up features that make it one of the most user-friendly apps for people around the world. Try it today and we’ll sure you’ll fall in love with it forever!

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