Our Mission and Vision

At BlaBla Connect, our company mission and vision is aimed at creating a dynamic international calling solution that offers the highest quality calls at the lowest possible rates. Our team of experts envisions a global revolution, in which our innovative international calling app is a crucial step.

With a community of over 1 million users at present, our vision is to expand our user base and make more and more people access the manifold benefits of our versatile international calling app. We are committed to manifest our company mission and vision in the following.

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Making International Calling Accessible to Any Mobile/Landline in the World

Our ultimate mission at BlaBla Connect is to make global calls accessible to any mobile/landline in the world and enable our users to connect with their family, friends or colleagues from anywhere. These are times of global migration, and this is why it is important to have a communication channel that enables an easy, dynamic and cost-effective solution to stay connected with people who matter to you most. We look forward to create endless opportunities for our users by introducing new app features that transform their international calling experience like never before.

Offering International Calls at Low-Cost Rates

Our purpose behind creating this app is to enable users to communicate and stay connected with their loved ones abroad, without having to spend dollars on regular long-distance calls. Our international calling bundles allow you to make low-cost calls and enjoy a value for money experience using our other app features as well. Say goodbye to costly international calls, as we at BlaBla Connect make it possible for you to stay connected with your loved ones abroad at extremely affordable prices.

Enabling High-Quality Voice Calls

We work with a vision to make high definition voice calls a reality. Hence, our app is specially designed to make our users’ experience international calls with reduced background noise and improved clarity. At BlaBla Connect, we strive to achieve the highest quality standards in whatever we do, while making sure that our users never have to face any disruption or inconvenience talking or chatting overseas.

Optimizing International Calling Experience with Added Features

BlaBla Connect is not only your one-stop app for making high definition international calls, but also your ultimate destination for enjoying world-class added features. So, apart from international calling, we also offer features like; mini-calls, free calls, balance transfer as well as amazing airtime top-ups. By offering many such more added features in the future as well, we are committed to grow our community of more than 1 million users and expand our international revolution in the world of communication and telecom.

Making Free International Calls a Reality

We have turned your dream of making free international calls a reality as one of the many benefits of using our app. This is made possible by enabling free international calls and texts among BlaBla users all day long. So, no matter how far you are from your fellow BlaBla users, you can make international calls to them at literally no cost. This is just the beginning as our motive is to offer many such perks for our BlaBla users in the times to come. So, if you’ve been long waiting for your ideal international calling app, your search just ended with us at BlaBla!

Creating a Hassle-Free User Experience

Our motive is to create an easy to use and hassle-free user experience for all our users worldwide. So, in order to make an international call to your friend or family member using our app, you need not change your number or SIM to a new one. Signing up to our app as a new member is absolutely free and simple, without any hidden fees at all. On the whole, we’ve made sure while creating our app design that nothing comes in your way while enjoying talking to your special ones on the other part of the world.

Ensuring User Privacy & Safety At All Costs

One of the most important factors that we’ve kept in mind while developing our app is the privacy and security of our users. We are committed to keep your privacy intact, and this is why our app gives you full control over your contact list. We give you total control over who can call you, text you or get access to your information. Our international calling app offers a perfect solution for anyone who wishes to have a check on calls and texts received from strangers.

Personalizing User Experience with Customized Calling Bundles

We are driven to create a personalized user experience by offering bespoke international calling bundles that work as per your individual call needs. So, whether you wish to opt for low-cost international call bundles, or look forward to limitless plans; we have everything in store for our app users. With us, you get to enjoy a customized user experience that gives you the much-needed flexibility and freedom of choice to choose the call bundles of your preference.

Premium Experience

So no more high cost fixed calling bundles when you have BlaBla Connects’ bespoke international calling bundles at your rescue! Check out our bundles today!

Our international calling app allows you to enjoy many exclusive additional benefits, messaging, stickers, media sharing as well as mini calls. So, no matter where you are calling from and to which place, our amazing app will let you have the most amazing experience connecting to people in different parts of the world.

Download our app today and experience the magic of best quality global calls at prices like never before. We are sure you will love being a part of the BlaBla family and enjoy the endless benefits offered by our added features. So, what’s the wait for? Hurry up and join BlaBla community today!