Our Values

At BlaBla Connect, our core values revolve around offering a value for money experience for all our clients. Being part of the communications industry, we believe that making international calls should be as accessible and affordable as possible.

With a community of over 1 million users at present, our vision is to expand our user base and make more and more people access the manifold benefits of our versatile international calling app. We are committed to manifest our company mission and vision in the following.


We are committed to offering an excellent user-experience that overcomes all international barriers of communication. Through this app, our team of technical experts is driven to provide an international calling platform that does not distinguish between nationalities and geographical borders. Our commitment is to make sure that each of our app users gets to connect with their friends and family across international borders at the lowest prices possible; prices that are almost close to making free international calls.


We believe in delivering consistent results through our services, and this is what makes us one of the most reliable international calling apps amidst our competitors. We have specially designed our app to ensure amazing call quality at any time of the day or night. So, whether you need to call India or call Nigeria at any odd hours, our app’s excellent call quality will never disappoint you in any way. Today, we have over 1 million users who are getting to communicate and connect with their loved ones across borders through our app services, and it is their loyalty to our international calling app that speaks for our consistent services.


Our team at BlaBla Connect has all the experience and expertise to help our users with an outstanding calling experience at nominal prices. We work towards creating efficient and effective end results, be it our call quality or other app features such as messaging, mini-calls, file-sharing, airtime top-up and much more. With the consistent and dedicated efforts of our expert team, we are determined to grow into an international calling app that becomes synonymous with excellence and efficiency.


The loyalty and trust of our users in our app services is of utmost importance to us. Hence, our commitment is to offer them a reliable and trustworthy service that they can always depend on. As one of the most trustworthy international calling apps, our ultimate goal is to offer our users a value for money experience. So, whether it is about offering our services at the lowest prices possible or ensuring a high-quality voice call with a hassle-free experience; we will never let down your trust in our services.


Innovation is one of our most important core values, as our team of experts at BlaBla Connect continuously strives to integrate the latest and high-end solutions to improve our app performance than ever before. Our app allows you to use any type of phone to make an international call at any mobile/landline, as we have used the most innovative systems to optimize your international calling experience. Technology is ever-evolving, and this is why we leave no stone unturned to enhance our user experience by updating and improving our communication systems from time to time.

Drive to Build Stronger Communitie

Ever since we stepped into the world of communications, we have strongly felt about breaking barriers and helping people connect with their loved ones across international borders. We know how important it is for our users to communicate with their friends and family abroad in a way that is neither disruptive nor costly.So, in order to connect people and communities across geographical barriers, we have come up with this international calling app that offers an amazing voice quality at prices that are close to free! To add to it, our unlimited international calling bundles and balance transfer features are an added advantage for users who want to make their family a part of our ordinary extraordinary user-experience.

Service to Others

Service to others lies at the heart of our company, as our ultimate aim is to help people connect with family and friends who matter to them most. Our services transcend international borders, without letting you pay the heavy burden of expensive calling bills. The fact that we offer low-cost calls does not mean at all that we compromise on the quality of our services, as exceptional user-experience is what we are aiming at through our app.


We believe in quality over quantity, and this guiding principle is what inspires us to offer you the highest quality voice quality for international calls ever. We are committed to deliver excellent end results for all our app features, be it mini-calls, messaging, file-sharing or balance transfers.So, whether you’ve shifted abroad for studies or traveling outside your country for a business trip, our international calling app will help you make high-quality voice calls to your friends, family or colleagues in any part of the world. No more breaking voices or background noise during international calls, because, we at BlaBla Connect have you all covered.

Why Us?

On the whole, at BlaBla Connect, we are constantly inspired to become better than ever and offer an exceptional international calling experience to our users from any part of the world.

We strive towards innovation and customization, to build an international calling app that offers a seamless and unforgettable user experience. From low-cost rates, high-quality voice calls, unlimited international calling bundles, customized balance transfers, air time top-ups, mini-calls to unlimited free calls to another BlaBla user; there is an endless list of benefits using our app!

So, wait no longer and download the app now to experience the magic of disruption-free and affordable international calls. Believe us when you actually experience making a call using our app, and we are sure that soon you will share it with your family, friends, and colleagues as well. Till then, happy calling!

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