July 15, 2021

Making a greeting call to your loved ones abroad is something that you cannot ignore during Christmas and New Years. As soon as the festive season kick starts you are already missing your close family and friends across international borders. But, if you are planning to use your domestic SIM services to make a few international calls during the festive season, then be prepared for hefty phone bills as well!

A cheaper and cost-effective alternative to make international calls during the festive season is none other than international calling apps like BlaBla Connect that makes it so easy and pocket-friendly for you to stay connected with your family and friends over Christmas and New Years. 

Downloading an international calling app and using its services in comparison to mobile calls helps cut costs to a great extent. This is why international calling apps are ideal for students, expats as well as people traveling overseas for work and leisure. The best part about using international calling apps for making low-cost international calls is that these apps can be downloaded by all IOS and Android users. What makes such international calling apps so cost-effective and budget-friendly is the fact that they offer low-cost international calling bundles which also go limitless as per your plan preferences. 

Staying connected with your loved ones abroad during the holiday season over calls or chats should be a great experience. And this is exactly why you need to opt for international calling apps that promise high voice quality over international calls at the lowest prices. BlaBla Connect is one international calling app that offers you excellent voice quality for international calls, and that too at lowest cost international calling bundles. 

The affordable calling rates offered by international calling apps like BlaBla Connect allow you to stay connected to your roots, no matter how far you are from them. And this is exactly why over 1 million people have chosen BlaBla Connect to talk to their families and friends from a foreign location.

During Christmas time, there is so much that you want to share with your parents or other family members, and there is no better way than keeping in touch with them at any time of the day or night other than these international calling apps. The exceptional calling quality of international calling apps like BlaBla Connect is also combined with many additional features, like; mini-calls, messaging, file-sharing, airtime top-ups and so much more!

I Can Talk to My Parents in New York Anytime!

Emma has found a newfound companion with the BlaBla Connect app, as the app’s low-cost international calling service allows her to talk to her parents in New York whenever she wants. Emma is very close to her parents and extended family in New York and this is going to be her first Christmas when she is not celebrating with them. But, with the international calling app’s low cost and high quality calling bundles, she never loses touch with them. She is looking forward to call and chat with her cousins in New York during the Christmas holidays for as much time as wants, without even having to worry about her phone bills. 

There are so many people like Emma who are enjoying the services offered by the best international calling apps; apps that make you keep in touch with your roots when it is not possible to go back home during the festive season. The ease of use and simple functionality of these apps make them just the right choice even for those expats who are not so friendly with technology. When you are in a foreign land during something as important as Christmas, it’s obvious that you will miss your loved ones back home. But, there is no need to worry when you have international calling apps like BlaBla Connect by your side!

So, what’s the wait for! The Christmas season is near soon, and now is the right time for you to pick up your phone and download the BlaBla Connect app to talk to your family and friends back home at the most affordable prices. Enjoy limitless plans and additional benefits from the app like mini-calls, messaging, chats, file sharing, conference calls, etc. to make your international calling experience even more fun and exciting. Whether you are an IOS user or an Android user, BlaBla Connect works for both!

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