July 15, 2021

If you are required to call on international numbers quite frequently because of work or personal reasons, then you must be aware that how necessary it is to have a calling platform that lives up to your expectations without emptying your bank balance. But, with so many options available to make international calls these days, it can be quite overwhelming for any user to choose the right option that perfectly matches their needs. 

SIM Cards for International Calling -

If you are using SIM cards for international calling purposes, then it is highly recommended to use international SIM cards instead of your domestic SIM cards. International SIM cards are exclusively designed to meet your international calling needs at relatively lower prices, in comparison to the high costs of calls made by your domestic SIM card. 

You might be able to find great deals for international SIM cards, but using these for your international calling needs does come with many drawbacks as well. For instance, in order to make an international call using these SIM cards, you will have to either switch your regular SIM with your international SIM, or keep a different device in hand to make international calls whenever you want. This can be a reason for the inconvenience for many who are looking for a better and more flexible way to communicate across international borders. 

Another option with SIM cards is to opt for international calling add-ons offered by some of the domestic service providers. These add-ons are relatively cheaper, but buying these also means that you have to pay for domestic calling services as well that might not be of any actual use for you. 

International Calling Apps 

International calling apps offer a user-friendly and handy means to make international calls in any part of the world. The software of these apps is specially developed to help users with a convenient way to communicate across different world countries at the lowest costs possible. All you need to use these apps for your international calling and texting needs is to download the app and sign up to use your existing number as your app caller Id. Once you have added calling bundles in your account, you will be able to make high-quality voice calls to your friends and family across the borders just with the help of an internet connection. 

Which is Better?

In comparison to international SIM cards, international calling apps can offer you a much reliable, hassle-free and cost-effective way to make international calls. One of the most important factors that make international calling apps a better choice over SIM cards is their practicality of use. As compared to SIM cards, apps offer better functionality, as they can be used anytime and anywhere. 

Other than that international calling apps offer you with a variety of other features as well, like mini-calls, airtime top-ups, chat messaging, file sharing etc that are missing in International SIM’s. 

How Switching From International SIM Card to International Calling App Saved Sam from Unnecessary Hassles

Sam had recently shifted to Oxford for further studies, and the only thing that bothered him leaving behind was his parents in Germany. For the first month, he relied on an international SIM card that he had purchased to make calls home. But, the hassle of changing the SIM card every time he had to make a call to Germany eventually started to bother him. He had thought about buying a new phone for the same, but with a student loan at his head, it seemed quite doubtful if he could afford one in the coming few months. This is when he decided to switch to BlaBla Connect for his international calling needs. He was surprised at the ease of use and low calling bundles offered by the app. Now, he could stay in touch with his parents 24/7 using the apps many additional features as well. The best part was the fact that he could make high-quality voice calls to his parents in Germany and that too at prices as low as possible. 

If you too are fed up with using a new device for your international calling needs then it is high time that you switch to BlaBla Connects international calling app and enjoy an exceptional calling experience at lowest costs ever!

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