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A mobile top up helps you directly send mobile credit to your friends and family abroad. In order to receive the top up, they need not necessarily have our app installed on their phones.

You need to add the country code to call India (+91) from a mobile, and the area code to call a landline number. BlaBla Connect offers the cheapest way to call India from the US. Depending on your needs and frequency of calling India, you can either choose low cost calling bundles or choose to pay for limitless plans.

BlaBla Connect allows you to make international calls with the need for an internet connection. This is made possible, as we automatically create a local number to connect your global calls, which dismisses any need for an internet connection. So, no matter where you are, our app enables you to call or text your loved ones in a different country without the need for an internet connection.

No, with BlaBla Connects’ mobile top-ups, you don’t have to pay for any hidden fees at all. With us, you’ll know what you are paying for.

Yes, our app allows you to make international calls back home while travelling abroad. You can make calls while traveling, without paying any extra money and without the help of any internet connection.

Our app allows you full privacy and control over who can contact you or access your information. So, you need not worry about receiving calls or texts from strangers anymore.

BlaBla Connect allows you to make international calls or send international text messages without changing your existing number. You don’t need a new SIM to make calls using the app, as all you need to do is to sign up and use your existing number for your caller ID.

MiniCalls allow you to record a message and schedule it to send out to any of your friends and family in any part of the world.

International calling bundles are plans which can be chosen as per your international calling needs and frequency.

The current version of the BlaBla Connect App supports all Android and IOS devices. This allows you to make calls from any phone to any other type of phone, in any part of the world.

The BlaBla Connect Mobile App is ready to use as you successfully install the app on your device. No more waiting to call your friends and family abroad once the installation is complete.

The BlaBla Connect offers many additional services other than international calling and texting. Some of these services include; airtime top ups, mini calls, free calls, conference calls, stickers, group messaging as well as media sharing.

Your receiver does not need to have an internet connection to receive an international call from your account on BlaBla Connect App. So, it does not matter if your receiver has an internet connection or not, you can still make a call and connect with your family and friends abroad.

With BlaBla Connect, you don’t have to think about a contract to connect through international calls or texts. All you need to use the app is to sign up and use your existing phone number to connect with your loved ones.

Yes, you can use your BlaBla account on more than one device. In order to do so, you need to install the app on your new device and login using your registered number to get activated.

BlaBla Connect supports international calling for both mobiles and landlines. The best part is that your friends and family don’t even need an internet connection to receive calls and texts from you in any part of the world. BlaBla Connect just works with anything, anywhere and anytime!

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At BlaBla Connect, we are committed to help you with the best in class international calling experience at the lowest prices possible. If you have any doubts or queries regarding our services, just let us know and our support team will help you guide with the best solutions at the shortest time possible.

Download our app now to enjoy high quality and disruption free international calls. Whether you want to call India, call Nigeria or call Egypt, our app will help you with a seamless calling experience. Our app is easy and simple to use, so wait no longer and get closer to your loved ones anywhere, anytime and for all day long!