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Technology has brought the world closer, and as a result, more and more people are now travelling to distant places and foreign lands than ever before. As per a recent study by the World Tourism Organization, it is expected that by the year 2030, about 8.5 billion people from around the world will take around 2 billion trips to foreign lands.

The growth of travel in the mainstream world has a lot to do with the innovation in technology over the last few decades. In fact, the growth in international communication by leaps and bounds has literally transformed the way you can travel abroad. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and other high tech devices, it has now become so convenient to manage transportation, accommodations and mobility etc.

Another way in which the advancement in communication technology has transformed the way you travel across international borders is by allowing you to stay connected with your loved ones back home on the go. Whether you are travelling abroad for business or leisure, losing touch with your family and friends in your homeland is the last thing on your mind. When you are far away from your home in a foreign land, you are always excited to share your experiences with your family and friends back home. 

It’s a well-known fact that international calls can be extremely costly, apart from offering a poor voice call quality as well. This is exactly what led to the introduction of international calling apps on the scene! Having an international calling app by your side while travelling abroad is must to stay connected with your family, friends and colleagues in the best way possible. While travelling abroad, a high quality international calling app is nothing less than a saviour that makes your entire trip worth it.

Gone are the days when you had no choice but to lose touch with your family back home on your international trips due to high-cost international calls with poor voice quality. In fact, the best international calling apps available today offer you much more than just low cost calling features and high-quality calls. For instance, at BlaBla Connect, our international calling app also offers mini-calls, messaging, file-sharing, airtime top-ups and many such features apart from allowing you to enjoy the most impressive international calling experience ever. 

How an International Calling App Ensured a Safe & Enjoyable Trip For a First Time Solo Female Traveller

This was Maya’s first solo trip to a foreign land. She was exhilarated, excited and also a little nervous. She was done with all her packing as she had a flight to catch early in the morning. Just before hitting the bed, she thought about downloading the BlaBla Connect app that might come to her aid during her 15 days trip to Europe. That was it! As during her entire trip to Europe, it was BlaBla Connect that allowed Maya to constantly stay in touch with her parents and sister back in India with the highest calling quality at lowest prices ever. The fact that the app does not require the call receiver to have an internet connection made it so easy and convenient for Maya to talk to her family in India. One of the best parts about choosing BlaBla Connect over other international calling apps is the fact that it allowed Maya to enjoy the many benefits of its additional features as well. For instance, Maya used the mini-calls feature offered by the app to record and send scheduled messages to her family back home in India. This not only helped her stay in touch with them despite the time differences, but also made her family back well informed about where she was headed next. On the whole, BlaBla Connects international calling features can make any solo traveller’s experience more calm and relaxed, as at the end of the day it gives you a feeling of being at home and safe, irrespective of where you are geographically.

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