Five things that make BlaBla Connect the best free calling app in 2017


There are numerous apps out there in the market that allow you to make calls. None of them compare to what BlaBla Connect is doing!

Below are just five reasons to let you consider BlaBla Connect for your next call:

  1. BlaBla Connect automatically adapts to your available internet bandwidth. BlaBla Connect’s unique audio compression technique delivers high quality calls, by offering a balance between the processing power and the internet bandwidth consumption.
  2. BlaBla Connect ensures the shortest network path between call participants to decrease the network latency. This means your call will go through the least network hops to reach its destination, which decreases the audio delay and enhances your calling experience!
  3. BlaBla Connect allows you to call BlaBla Connect users and non-BlaBla Connect users as well. This makes BlaBla Connect your one-stop calling app. You might even like to use it instead of your GSM phone, especially when you’ll see the savings you can get on your telephone bill!
  4. Stay on top of important events! Never forget a birthday or a special event anymore. Record your own voice message and schedule customized Minicalls to be delivered at the time of your choice, whether for business or private use. Try it out! It’s easy, fun and creates a special experience to the receiving party.
  5. Invite your friends & contacts to join BlaBla Connect and you enjoy more free calls and chats.
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