Our Core Values and Beliefs


It’s been some time since we wrote an article. This time we feel that we have so much that we want to share with you. Most importantly, our values and core believes have to be clear to all our customers, and everybody for that matter. We believe that it is everybody’s right to get a decent service from any service provider that promises a certain service or product, whether the service is paid or free, it is the same.

Our team is working relentlessly to make the service up to the standards and up to our customers’ expectations. We do everything we can to make BlaBla Connect outperform any other app in the market. Being the biggest is not our main driver, being recognized as the Best by our customers is our Goal. We care to deliver quality and value. This drives everything else.

For that, we’ve rebuilt the whole calling experience from the ground up. We used the latest technology to create it and we are sure it is fabulous. Our international calling service is one of a kind because we care to deliver each and every call to the right Operators, those that deliver quality, with the fastest routing and in a compliant way. That has many implications. Our International call rates are the lowest in the market, nobody else is able to beat us and provide the same quality of service. We are so confident that we commit to match any price that would be lower for the same quality, once proven.

Our messaging service is getting a whole new look and feel and a performance boost as we write this article. You can expect a messaging experience like no other, soon!

Maintaining a happy customer is our objective. We care about each and every request that we receive and our team is working on them day and night to ensure our customers are pleased. We strive to be recognized as a safe pair of hands.

We thank everybody for using BlaBla Connect and for trusting our brand to deliver a great service.

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