Beat Blue Monday: Our five tips


Cheer up! Here are our five tips to beat Blue Monday:

  • Catch up with friends and family that live abroad: When we’re feeling a little gloomy, there is nothing like catching up with friends and family, the loved ones that we haven’t seen for long time. They might also feel the impact of Blue Monday and would be happy to hear your voice. A call or a message is all it takes. BlaBla Connect enables you to connect with all your friends and family, wherever they are. If you can’t call all of them today, just send them a Minicall!
  • Plan your holiday: There is nothing like looking forward to a holiday to bring a little bit of sunshine in the day, even if it’s in a few months’ time. Today is the best day to start thinking about where you’d like to go, so book some time off and start planning.
  • Organise to go out: Meet with friends or colleagues after work or after university. This will give you something to look forward to.
  • Work out: Working out is known to be a good way to clear your mind out. And after the holiday season, it will make you feel good. Go running, power walking or to the gym, this will give you the positive energy that you need on such a day.
  • Prepare some comfort food: Nothing like comfort food to make us feel better (and if you’ve worked out, that’s even more rewarding…). Whether it is homemade food, chocolate or ice cream, make sure you have all you need when you get home.


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