Are you planning to go away soon? Get organised to avoid a long phone bill


Are you planning to go abroad for half term? In a few weeks, you might be on a beach or skiing down a mountain. Quite a nice thought which means the end of gloomy January. Make sure that you get organised to avoid the usually long – and depressing – phone bill that comes with trips abroad.

Travelling abroad means for most people calling their telecom providers to ensure that they’ve got the right contract to travel abroad, as otherwise the bill might be a long one. A process that can be lengthy and frustrating. And there is always so much to prepare before going away that you surely have better things to do than calling your provider.

BlaBla Connect, a partner to major operators, enables you to make high quality calls to your loved ones when you’re abroad – at a fraction of the cost. No need to call anyone before flying. All you need to do is download the app – and you can even do it from your holiday destination.

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